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Lint Audio

Lint Audio was born out of commercial communication in the aviation industry as a natural progression inspiration is born out of change and the evolution of the Lint Audio range of products was born. The lint one pre-amp was one of the first products bringing clarity pre-amp phono stage to bring the best out of vinyl.


The Natural progression of valve amplification and valve buffers brought a sleek modern design bringing a modern feel to an analogue system. The design of our own monoblock amplifiers fits all the product range. Each product is handcrafted with loving care and detail to the craft, thereafter custom tested before being released out of the production line.

The head designer, the product’s namesake created each work of art with form and functionality in mind bringing an amazing product with an artistic design that allows customisation for each person’s tastes.


The Audio range has been designed to have a ready-built system as well as for the enthusiasts to order in kit form and build their own to understand the functionality and have the pleasure of admiring their own work of art …



The Legend stereo headphone amplifier is a work of art. With the highest level of sound experience possible. It is designed with the love of sound. Supplied with a 24 Volt DC wall power supply, amplifier, and earth cable. The Legend is highly popular as a buffer for streaming devices and cd players to give that rounded valve experience. For use with the twelve monoblocks as a pre-amplifier and also has a sub output.